ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival - International Competition

International Competition 3: Dari Luar, ke Dalam, dan Sebaliknya (From the Outside In, and Vice Versa)
December 1, 2022, 1pm WIB
ARKIPEL Catch-22: Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival
Jakarta, Indonesia

"Both of these films [Make a Distinction (2021) and Mayday! May day! May day! (2022)] try to escape the infinite reflection. They present interaction as a problem that is there. Meanwhile, acts of intervention manifest cinema as a third space. These films do not only converse with the spectator, but also with the discourse that is constructed by the topology of the spaces mentioned above.

Make a Distinction is a direct tracking of the situation in the city of Chicago in the series of images that surround it: ranging from franchise logos to steps of the film production itself. For example, a film shooting scene is intervened by the police, an institution that also controls its representation as the savior. The formation of the “police-image” through the constraining of the film production is an imagination of an integralist society under the shadows of policy. Surveillance becomes an analogy which emphasizes the impression of investigating something." - ARKIPEL International Competition 3

Make a Distinction has been selected for the International Competition section in this year's ARKIPEL Jakarta International Documentary and Experimental Film Festival which will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 25th to December 3rd.

After receiving submissions of 728 films from 76 countries, ARKIPEL selected 22 films to compete in the International Competition program. The films selected consist of various genres and production methods, which provide a fresh experience in seeing the development of contemporary cinema.

The films chosen envisage Catch-22, ARKIPEL’s theme this year. Catch-22 is a situation where paradoxical truth meets contradictory choices and results in absolute conclusions. It is a logic that is the starting point for this year’s festival, and imagining how the idea is applied to the realm of cinema. Through a rigorous selection process, we concluded that the 22 films that entered this international competition could frame the latest global phenomenon and also show the working methods behind it, as well as examine the premises behind the construction of those films.