Mimesis Documentary Festival - Liquid Crystal

Documentary Shorts Program: Liquid Crystal
August 8, 2021, 1:45pm
Mimesis Documentary Festival
Boedecker Cinema
2590 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO

Confusion between the real and its representation explodes into a surreal echo chamber. Complicating identity, compulsive performativity, voyeurism, and the production of self, these movies look at how and why permission is granted into private – yet also very public – online lives. From YouTube articulations of trauma to televised family traditions, protagonists navigate the captcha, webcam, selfie stick, and an endless circulation of images within the claustrophobic enclosure of liquid crystal screens.

Petting Zoo (2019, 11’) - Daniel Robin
Pharmakosis (2020, 13’) - SL Pang
Stones for Thunder (2018, 16’) - Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
To Be Honest (2020, 12’) - Jess Shane
Recaptcha (2020, 4’) - Heather Warren-Crow
Recreation (2020, 10’) - Duane Peterson III
Letter From Your Far Off Country (2020, 17’) - Suneil Sanzgiri

Tickets available here for $12.