Nightingale Cinema - Farewell (For Now) Festival

Farewell (For Now) Festival
April 23 & 24, 2022
Nightingale Cinema
1084 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL

Chicago's beloved microcinema, the Nightingale, lost their lease so will be closing (for now) and hosting one last festival. Local Ads from Faraway Places will be playing in the Lunch Poems on Saturday, April 23rd at noon but please come to as much as the festival as you can. This place has meant so much to so many filmmakers and it is hard to imagine Chicago without it. Let's celebrate all the hard work that has gone into keeping this place going and all the movies we saw there that changed us and scheme on the future of Chicago's experimental film community.

Programming by Day:

Saturday, April 23 -
12:00 PM “Lunch Poems” curated by Jesse Malmed
2:00 PM Therapy Sessions with Seth Vanek
3:00 PM “Young Blood” curated by Zach Hutchinson
6:00 PM The Works of Paige Taul
8:00 PM “Dada’s Daughter” by Sara Sowell
9:30 PM Advanced Screening of “Bros Before” Written and Directed by Henry Hanson
10:31 PM Halloween in April, I Guess
11:11 PM Late Night Shorts curated by Aaron Walker

Sunday, April 24 -
1:00 PM Local Programmers Meet Up
3:00 PM The Works of Ben Balcom curated by Drew Durepos
5:00 PM “How to Pack in a Hurry” curated by Christy LeMaster
6:00 PM AJ McClenon’s Performance and Video Works curated by Jory Drew
7:00 PM “less-ness-ness-less” curated by Jesse Malmed
8:08 PM Anthems To Go Out On curated by Emily Eddy