NOW! A Journal of Urgent Praxis - The Stories Left Out

The trailer for Andrew Mausert-Mooney and my new feature length film Make a Distinction is included in the online exhibition The Stories Left Out up on the site NOW! A Journal of Urgent Praxis. We are happy to be a part of a project inspired by Santiago Álvarez's work!

"These works are collected as a demand for the inclusion of Critical Race Theory in educational mandates and discourse. The grotesque fightback against this, in favor of maintaining white history and the whitewashing of settlement and colonial brutality, racism, and genocide, is an injustice that minimalizes the violence inflicted in the past, leaving these actions to continue as a cyclical trauma. These works are on the stories left out. There are so many more to tell too. It is time to acknowledge them, and in turn, create space for true liberation." - NOW! Editorial Board