Onion City Film Festival - Festival Trailer

Drew and I made the trailer for this year's Onion City Experimental Film + Video Festival. I was also on the screening committee this year so I'm particularly excited for this year's festival.

You can see our trailer here to start getting excited for the festival and then check it out, along with some really great work, at Onion City!

EDIT: Onion City Film Festival is going virtual, FREE and worldwide from June 18-28, 2020!

Tune in between June 18-28 to watch the FREE virtual presentation of this year’s festival. A new program will be released every day from June 18 to 21 and June 25 to 28, followed by Q&As with filmmakers each festival day. We encourage viewers to watch the programs on the day when they are released to preserve the festival experience as much as possible and fully engage in the Q&As. However, if you can’t make it, don’t worry, each program will be available for several days after the release.

Watch the festival and read about each program here.