Roman Susan - boundarymind

still from boundarymind, 2020

March 3-6, 2021 (video and audio activated after dark)
Roman Susan
1224 W Loyola Ave
Chicago IL

Sculptural installation by Molly Roth Scranton, video by Kera MacKenzie, with audio by Linda Jankowska and Katherine Young. This iteration of boundarymind is experienced directly from the street, while the space remains closed to the public. Sculpture on view 24/7, with video and audio activated after dark.

boundarymind is a collaborative work which will culminate in an evening-length electroacoustic sound piece and aggregating installation that explores and transgresses the geographical, cultural, psychological, and musical boundaries that impact how we share our past, present, and future selves with others. Developed over the course of seven years by Linda Jankowska and Katherine Young, the project will also present video art by Kera Mackenzie and a performative sculpture by Molly Roth Scranton. Additional production partners include Experimental Sound Studio, 6018North, and PO Box Collective. For full project information, please visit


CALL FOR RECORDINGS from Katie Young and Linda Jankowska:

We invite anyone to create a sound recording of a household object with personal significance. Any object! Childhood toys, tattered T-shirts or sentimental souvenirs. Anything! Without damaging the object, scrape, tap, bow, boing, ping, and otherwise resonate it. Play around. Explore the quiet details it offers. Then, with your permission, we will remix these recordings for broadcast on Lumpen Radio and future boundarymind productions.

Submit your recordings to Stereo wave formats are preferred, but we are happy with any formats you might record in. Please either submit your files via email or provide a link to a downloadable file stored in the cloud. More info at