The Learning Machine - PLANTS & ANIMALS: ​On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures

PLANTS & ANIMALS: ​On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures
Opening May 25, 2018, 6-9 pm
In/Habit roving art series
at The Learning Machine
3145 S Morgan St
Chicago IL

PLANTS & ANIMALS: On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures is a tentacular curatorial project comprising a series of performance, discussion, screening and broadcasting events on hybridity, ecologies and practices of inhabiting, interrogating Nature, and how we survive together.

Hybridity is offered here as artillery against the scourge of centuries old Western binaries. It is an invitation to once again think about the categories of machine/nature/human in more-than-human worlds, together with queer, feminist, and anti-racist politics.

The Exhibit's Artist Line-up
Alicia Rose Obermeyer, Andrea Chu, CV Peterson, Charles Roberts, David Nasca, Jessica Nicole Gorse & Erin Delaney, Falak Vasa, Izzy True, Jan Brugger, Lindsey French, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Lissette-Tatiana Olivares, Maggie Umber, Manal Kara, Marina Cavadini, Marjorie Lemay, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Michael Malito, Mitsu Salmon, Nicole Lane, Pei-Ling Ho​, Rebecca Ladida & Ele Edreva, Selden Paterson, Suzanne Reid, Whit Forrester

The book designed for the exhibition is available online here.