VISIONS CINÉMA - Stones for Thunder

Stones for Thunder is screening online at VISIONS CINÉMA along with a text written about the video by Olivier Dorais titled "Relearning/Unlearning. On Stones for Thunder by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney."

"Nothing is more elementary than the lesson of Stones for Thunder. It’s a lesson in aesthetics, but an enlarged aesthetics. The lesson that the film and the filmmakers call forth, whereby aesthetics is discovered as an estranged space, the site of conversion and immanent articulation, a space always already occupied. A space of presentation and experimentation woven into the very sensorial fabric of our lives. —Behind the face of a spatialized time, there would reside somewhere in a dark room— miserable fantasy, marvelous fantasy—a carousel of butterflies, an image that never ages, that conceals every instant that forgetting covers up. It’s only an image, a direction, certainly childish, but it’s perhaps an image such as that in the minds of those who learn to unlearn.."
—Olivier Dorais, Translated from original French by Jacob Siefring

You can watch the video and read the full text here from January 19-February 19th, 2023.