High Desert Test Sites - WONDER MACHINE: Belen Mirage

Wonder Machine sketch: Courtney Prokopas, 2013

October 12-19, 2013
Part of High Desert Test Sites 2013
Joshua Tree, CA - Albuquerque, NM

WONDER MACHINE launches on Friday, October 18th in Belen, New Mexico

I'm very honored to be participating in High Desert Test Sites 2013 with my collaborator Courtney Prokopas. Wonder Machine: Belen Mirage is a giant human-powered zoetrope that we are installing on land in an abandoned sub-development in Belen, New Mexico, which Courtney bought for $1 on ebay.

On the evening of Wonder Machine's opening, we will also be hosting a series of performances by Joseph Herring called High Desert Mink Hole, which involves Neo-Fluxus-Suitcases, and an animal to plant telepathic-telecommunication machine. We are very excited about communing with all the with desert critters.

HDTS also has a fundraiser for the event, which ends on September 15th. They were able to reach their funding goal, so any additional funds are going straight to the artists. If you are interested in donating they do great work, and we would definitely appreciate it!!

Check in on our site for updates: WONDER MACHINE: Belen Mirage