Havoc and Tumbled (installation)

Eight-channel film, video, audio, and painting installation
At Roman Susan, 2015

The collisions and ecstasy of 3, 2, 1 . . . and the 6,028th time it gets called. What happens in the limbs, in the gut, on the lips, when everyone in the room locks on synch? Learning To Inherit The Long Slog. In order to be ready we're lining the windows with plants that thrive in tumult, turning on our TVs, and battening down to find a few kinds of time: 3, 2, 1. . . .

Havoc and Tumbled was an eight-channel film and video installation with paintings and plants created by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, installed at the Roman Susan art gallery in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago in July 2015.

Havoc and Tumbled teaser, HD video, color, sound, 1 min


"The artists shot each piece, even when footage seems resolutely stock: a technician at a packed stadium, a controlled forest burn, graphic squirrel-butchering. The plants lining the storefront walls come from their porch, which we see in clips potted in the same black fabric. The show is as much about people in their lives—landlord, stepmother, student—than it is about a combination of wildlife, porches, outdoor activities and quick paintings of David Letterman. The familiar host is at turns benevolent and threatening against a cityscape, humorously suggesting that Letterman has joined the intimate plants and family on the artists’ porch as another friend among flora."

"Tumbling through cacophony, what do we have left?"

"Havoc and Tumbled reads and records like friends on a porch. Amidst the havoc, we still have our family, our plants, and the gallery." — Paul Smith, Newcity Magazine

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