When Stranger Things Happen

Projection design for a monodrama for ten players composed by Katherine Young
Including lost objects, electronics, amplification, and HD video projection
Performed by Ensemble Dal Niente, as part of the production Piece Her Together at the Edge Theater, 2017

Documentation from performance, HD video, color, sound,
2:30 min excerpt from 43 min
Recorded live by Dan Nichols and Aphorism Productions

Documentation from performance, HD video, color, sound, 43 min
Recorded live by Dan Nichols and Aphorism Productions
Projections in Act II (begins at 16:40 min)

Katherine Young’s When Stranger Things Happen was inspired by Kelly Link’s story “The Girl Detective,” a noir meditation on loss, myths of femininity, and the potential of the imagination. The Girl Detective’s investigation takes her up trees; into dreams - hers and other people’s; and down into an underworld where lost things accumulate and where stranger things happen. Link’s story contains many lists…of misplaced, missing, found, and untethered objects that the Girl Detective encounters. By asking members of Ensemble Dal Niente to share their own lists of lost items, Young has added to Link’s tallies. The important and unimportant things lost then became tools for making sound and for preparing traditional instruments. Changes in the Girl Detective's sense of time and place were accentuated by video projections against a minimal set populated by musicians in alternating combinations.

Audio available here.

Video Stills

Performance and Projection Documentation

Production Still


Soprano: Amanda Deboer Bartlett
Bassoon: Katherine Young
Clarinet: Katie Schoepflin
Tuba: Kevin Harrison
Percussion: Kyle Flens
Percussion: Gregory Beyer
Electric Guitar: Jesse Langen
Violin: Tarn Travers
Viola: Ammie Brod
Cello: Chris Wild
Conductor: Michael Lewanski

Production Team:
Director: Emmi Hilger
Stage Manager: Grace Tilka
Scenic Design: Nicholas Schwartz
Lighting Design: Jessica Doyle
Projection Design: Kera MacKenzie
Audio Engineering: Igor Santos
Assistant Audio Engineering: Anthony Bassett