60 Wrd/Min Art Critic & Newcity Magazine - "Kera MacKenzie, Yangbin Park, Linda Laino, Roland Santana"

still from boundarymind, 2020

Lori Waxman wrote about boundarymind for her 60 Wrd/Min Art Critic website and her review was also published on Newcity Magazine's website.

Through Lori's project, she has been providing reviews for shows that were cancelled, postponed, shuttered, or took place only online due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was such a treat to read Lori's take on this sprawling project and it got me very excited to see an iteration of it to come together in March at Roman Susan!

"In the film their keepsakes dangle from the sky, are arranged and rearranged on a tabletop, beckon from around the corners of an old house, hang from the branches of a tree, and animate humorous little narratives.”

“a composition ranging from clangy to eerie to plucky.”

boundarymind feels perfectly relevant now, when the pandemic has forced so many of us to stay home, surrounded by all our stuff." -LW