Echo Park Film Center - And Magics: The films of Josh B Mabe and his Chicago favorites

Josh B Mabe, To Fall, 2010 (still)

LA Filmforum presents
And Magics: The films of Josh B Mabe, and his Chicago favorites
January 18, 2019, 8 pm
Echo Park Film Center
1200 N Alvarado St
Los Angeles CA

Renowned Chicago-based filmmaker and programmer Josh B Mabe presents a selection of his films and videos made over the past decade as well as a selection of his favorite work from other Chicago-based artists.

"But to the end of time certain places of the world remain defined for him as the place where those sensations were; and his only possible answer to the question where anything is will be to say 'there,' and to name some sensation or other like those first ones, which shall identify the spot. Space means but the aggregate of all our possible sensations.” —William James

Edward Owens, Remembrance: A Portrait Study, 1967, 16mm on digital, 6 min
JoAnn Elam, Lie Back and Enjoy It, 1982, 16mm, 9 min
Carolyn Faber, IOTA, 1998, 16mm, 6 min
Josh B Mabe, To Another, 2010, 16mm, 1 min
Josh B Mabe, Addy Choo, 2013, 16mm, 2 min
Josh B Mabe, Pastoral, 2008, 16mm, 2 min
Josh B Mabe, To Quit, To Quiet & To Mark The Shape, 2011, 16mm, 7 min
Josh B Mabe, To Fall, 2010, 16mm, 2 min
Adam Paradis, Damage Control, 2010, 16mm, 5 min.
Karen Johannesen, Daylight and the Sun, 2009, Super 8, 5 min
Kera MacKenzie, Abductive Object #4, 2013, digital, 3 min
AJ McClenon, he kind of like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down, 2016, digital, 9 min
Jesse Malmed, THERE, 2016, digital, 1 min
Tommy Heffron, Like This/Like That, 2017, digital, 3 min
Josh B Mabe, AND MAGICS, 2016, digital, 5 min

Tickets: $10 general; $6 for students/seniors; free for Filmforum members.
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