Mana Contemporary & - The Set Speaks

Drawing: Robert MacKenzie, Poster Design: Kera MacKenzie

The Set Speaks
February 8 - March 31, 2016
Propeller Fund Studios
Mana Contemporary
2233 S Throop St, 4th flr
Chicago IL

The problem is to make space speak, to feed and furnish it; like mines laid in a wall of rock which all of a sudden turns into geysers and bouquets of stone.
– Antonin Artaud, The Theater of Cruelty (First Manifesto)

The Set Speaks
is a two-month continuous live stream featuring seven artist-groups who will produce week-long performances from a 641 square foot studio in Chicago. Provided with 24/7 access, four cameras, a video switcher, a computer and a connection to the internet, each group will create their own 168-hour live, durational work. Borrowing from the ubiquitous forms of nature cams and security feeds, the live broadcasts will be equal parts moving image works and portraits of the artists at play, rest, rehearsal, and performance. Taking shape and enduring alongside the viewers’ real-times, the interests and subjectivities embedded in the works will amount to seven takes on simultaneity. Stop-by, call-in, and watch: YYYYMMDD, #NewGlobalMatriarchy, 2 Queens in a Kitchen, soap operas, still LIVEs, and more.

Week 1: February 8 - 14 /
Eke Name - Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Jesse Malmed

Week 2: February 15 - 21 /
YYYYMMDD - Blair Bogin

Week 3: February 22 - 28 /
#OpenTVMarathon - Open TV: Darling Shear, King is a Fink, Fatimah Asghar with Jamila Woods, Honey Pot Performance, LADY/WATCH (Tien Tran and Kieran Kredell), Eli McKinnon, Shea Couleé, TRQPiTECA LIVE (with with Cqqchifruit and Natalie Mercedes (La Spacer) and performances by Molly Hewitt and Ariel Zetina), Kai Green, Anna Martine Whitehead, James Welch and Mlondolozi Zondi

Week 4: February 29 - March 6 /
the strangest gathering since the destruction of the Tower of Babel - Adela Goldbard

Week 5: March 7 - 13 /
#NewGlobalMatriarchy - Stephanie Graham and Maya Mackrandilal

Week 6: March 14 - 20 /
Amina Ross with performances by Jory Drew, twinskin (Joelle Mercedes and Amina Ross), and Rashida KhanBey (Rashi)

Week 7: March 21 - 31 /
By Way of Today - Cameron Gibson and Kyle Schlie