Museum of Contemporary Art - READY

March 21-27, 2014, 10am-5pm
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E Chicago Ave
Chicago IL

The NIGHTINGALE is a rough-and-ready microcinema located in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood. Dedicated to screening emerging work across film, video, and new media genres, it hosts more than 50 events a year and serves as a hub for Chicago’s vibrant cinema community. From mid-March to mid-April, dozens of Chicago-based artists and fourteen local programmers organize under quick timelines and loose thematic guides to inhabit a monitor on fourth floor of the MCA.

Ready and not. Read-y, ready, readiness, already and made, the works in this hour long program explore, report, introduce, rework, sing and travel through notions of preparation and repair, lives and deaths, the mysterious and the ill-conceived, bowling with no pins and reading in the 21st century. See: sustainable sourcing commingled with speculative speakings, languid landscapes, cartoons and paintings. Hear: Tull, Paterra, “JT”. The questions are wry and show and here.

Artists in READY program include: Tony Balko, Lori Felker, Eric Fleischauer, Cameron Gibson, Robert Chase Heishman + Megan Schvaneveldt, Jeremiah Jones, Kera MacKenzie, Steve Reinke, Mary Scherer, Deborah Stratman, Scott Wolniak