The Edge Theater - When stranger things happen

When stranger things happen
October 20-21, 2017, 7 pm
October 22, 2017, 3 pm
for Ensemble Dal Niente's
Piece Her Together
The Edge Theater
5451 N Broadway St
Chicago IL

I'm thrilled to be doing the video design for When stranger things happen, an opera composed by Katherine Young as a part of Ensemble Dal Niente's event Piece Her Together, and can't wait to see how it all comes together. If you can come out in October to see a show please do!

"What makes a person who she is? Who does she seek to become? What objects in her world help her get there? What forces conspire to stop her? How do those around her influence how she is perceived? Piece Her Together features soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett in a fully-staged theatrical production of two mono-dramatic works: Eliza Brown's The Body of the State, a portrayal of Juana of Castile's imprisonment at the hands of her family which subverts the trope of the madwoman, and Katherine Young's When stranger things happen, a noir meditation on loss, myths of femininity, and the potential of the imagination.

Brown collaborated on the libretto for The Body of the State with members of a graduate class at the Indiana Women's Prison, whose recorded voices contribute to the electronic soundworld of the piece. Meanwhile, Young's work is inspired by Kelly Link's "The Girl Detective" whose investigation takes her into dreams and down into an underworld where lost things accumulate, generating lists of misplaced, missing, found, and untethered objects."
— Ensemble Dal Niente

Collaborators include Emmi Hilger (Director); Meriem Bahri (costume design); Kera MacKenzie (projection design); and Nicholas Schwartz (scenic design).

Tickets are $20/$15 and available online.
Facebook event here.