havoc and tumbled (performance)

Performance for Live To Tape: Artist Television Festival, 13 min, 2015

havoc and tumbled documentation

Single channel version, included in havoc and tumbled installation

Directors Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Kera MacKenzie and actor Nate Whelden produce live television from one angle and theater from another. Recorded in front of a studio audience during Live to Tape: Artist-Television Festival, May 2015, Chicago, a man attends to the tasks at hand, amidst disruptions. On the other side of the stage/edit: the story of changing American landscapes and the inner character of rare plant life that thrive below telephone lines.

Video Stills

Production Stills


Performed LIVE at Live To Tape Artist Television Festival, Links Hall, Chicago IL

Concept/Image/Sound: Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, and Nate Whelden

Soundtrack: Moonlite by Ryan Sullivan/Golden Birthday

Screening History

Past Lives
, UnionDocs, Brooklyn NY

Following Nonhuman Kinds: The Plant Symposium, Sector 2337, Chicago IL

STROBE Network, STROBEnetwork.tv and Flux Factory, Long Island City

Havoc and Tumbled, multi-channel installation, Roman Susan, Chicago IL